Monday 30 March 2015

Post and Go Stamps Tariff Change News

As I mentioned a month ago, new postage rates came into effect today. Whilst the new definitive stamps were issued last week in preparation, Royal Mail Post and Go machines and Post Office Self-Service (NCR) Kiosks could only be updated after close of business yesterday in preparation for opening time in branches today.  The change in structure of the airmail rates required the introduction of Europe 100g and Worldwide 100g stamps, replacing the previous 60g stamps

Norwich had Machin definitive (MA14) and Working Sails stamps:

It is likely that other Machin versions will exist - MA13, MA12 etc.  Indeed MA13 stock was in the Royal Mail machine at Crewe Delivery Office.

But the surprise - and perhaps disappointment for collectors and dealers - was that the location identifier, introduced only with the new machines on 2 February, had been removed.  Thanks to Stuart and Alf for telling me about Crewe and Bradford North respectively.

Mike reports that Mount Pleasant, Camden, Baker Street, Great Portland Street & Trafalgar Square offices in London all have Machin stamps only. 

UPDATE 31 March
Thanks also to Stuart for pictures of Crewe (M002) and Bradford North (M003) stamps produced yesterday with no name. These are both MA13.


  1. Looking at the early listed “new NCR stamps” on ebay, are Large Letter OV stamp for both Europe & Worldwide. (191547759328 is one)

  2. Wealdstone PO has Working Sail and Spring Blooms in the machines.

  3. Truro PO has Symbolic Flowers today.

  4. London Bridge had the following in their machines today
    67 Spring Blooms
    68 Machin MA13
    69 Union Flag (no date)
    70 Machin MA13

    Knightsbridge had the following in their machines today
    67 Machin MA14
    68 Working Sail
    69 Machin MA14
    Machine applied text alignment fault now corrected


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