Wednesday 11 March 2015

Post and Go at the Scottish Congress, Perth 17-18 April 2015

Once again Post and Go machines will be at the Scottish Congress in Perth.  The organisers have again made arrangements to supply collectors with Post and Go and other souvenirs.  I'll not be stocking these and you are advised to make your own arrangements to obtain them.

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Press Release

The Association of Scottish Philatelic Societies

The Annual Congress of the Association of Scottish Philatelic Societies will be held at Perth on 17-18 April 2015. Once again there will be new items of interest to collectors.

Royal Mail Post and Go kiosk numbers A003 and A006 will be used at Congress for both Machin and Union Flag stamps. Congress overprints will be available from both machines for the Collector’s Strip (£7.68), or strips of six of each of 1st Class (£3.78), Large (£5.70), Europe 20g (£6.00), and 60g (£9.12), World Wide 20g (£7.98) and 100g (£13.50).

Also available are two Post and Go Smiler sheets (Union Flag and Saltire Flag) whose designs are being finalised. The sheets will each cost £18.65 (A4).

All items are charged at cost plus postage and packing as detailed below.
Rest of World
Up to 5 items
Over 5 items
Up to 5 items
Over 5 items
Up to 5 items
Over 5 items
Special Delivery up to value of
£1000: £10 extra
£2500: £15 extra
International signed for up to value of
£500: £15 extra

Purchasers will be advised if the weight of their order exceeds the above costs and additional payment is required.

Special posting requests for all the above items will be costed and purchasers advised prior to sending the items.

Large Orders

The Association is happy (as a service to collectors) to provide these items to collectors at face value with a modest additional charge to cover postage and packing. Where the order (or multiple orders) exceeds £100, we regard these as ‘trade’ orders and will make an additional 10% handling charge to reflect the time and effort involved in fulfilling the order.

Guernsey Philatelic Bureau

Will be attending Congress with Post and Go Kiosk number GG01. This will print stamps with the Guernsey flag and with an overprint. Collectors Strip: £3.73

{Update 12 March 16:00}  Jersey Philatelic Bureau

Will be attending the 86th Scottish Congress with Post and Go Kiosk number JE01.  This will print stamps with either the Jersey flag or the Protected Species stamps. The flag stamps will carry the inscription 86th Scottish Congress 2015.

Collectors Strip (including 20% VAT):  £4.88


Paypal account: Paypal surcharge on all orders: 4% of total order.   Cheques/Postal Orders in sterling should be made payable to ‘ASPS’.

Orders for Post and Go stamps should be sent to:
Norman Kelso, 28 Applehill Drive, Wellbank, Dundee DD5 3UD, Scotland, UK or use the ASPS Website:

Commemorative Cover 

The Falkirk and District Philatelic Society is celebrating its 50th birthday and hosting Congress. The Society has designed a commemorative cover which depicts Callendar House, located in Falkirk. The House is also featured on the special postmark being used at Congress.

Unserviced covers are available for 50p each. Serviced covers will be available for £1.50 each.

Postage and packing will be £1 (UK) or £2.50 (overseas) in addition per order.

For the covers, cheques should be payable to ‘Falkirk Philatelic Society' and mail orders may be sent to:Dr J M Anderson, ‘Taradon’, Wallacestone Brae, Wallacestone, Falkirk. FK2 0DH -

Please note that if you require a Post and Go stamp on a serviced cover you must specify this when ordering from the Society.

This item and more information on the ASPS Congress can be viewed at

Updated: Now, here's a thing.  When the Congress organisers first sent me information to publish - which I am quite happy to do - they had had 'official' information about the machines to be taken to Perth.  But machine A004 was included, rather than A006, and the UK prices quoted were then current prices, which would increase as usual by April 17th.  There was also a discrepancy with the content of the Guernsey machine which, as we know had different service indicators at Stampex to those originally publicised by Guernsey Post.

The organisers have not received a requested update from official sources, so the Press Release above is based on logic and a bit of 'digging'.  But further exploration of the IAR site has quite different information, which cannot be verified from official sources.

According to the Events page on that site, machines A003 and A006 will be in Perth, and so will JE01 dispensing Jersey Flag and Threatened Species.  And on the 'Kiosks' page, no future events are shown for GG01 of Guernsey Post.

Update: Via Twitter, Jersey have confirmed the revised information in the body of the post.  Guernsey have now replied that they will not have a machine in Perth.

  Last update  -  18 March 2015 / 09:55
Although not yet announced by Royal Mail, pre-order facilities are now available. I originally said that this would be for the B001 machine, although as the form indicated A003 and A006 I changed it. Now, I'm told that it pre-orders are for B001 only.   As you have to collect them at Perth, it seems sensible to ignore the uncertainty and buy them from the A machines.  But if you do want to get them from B001 you can do so via the IAR website here.
This covers Royal Mail stamps and Smilers Sheets but not the Jersey stamps. 


  1. Not a good start for Guernsey. There is to much conflicting info. Collectors like correct info to plan ahead. I read a piece from Guernsey that post & go is not part of their stamp programme. Makes me wonder if they wanted to join in the first place. Its negative reading.

  2. It just means ( according to their homepage) that the Post & Go labels are a separate thing and not part of their commemorative stamp issues,, just as Jersey do

    Each postal administration will categorise and deal with them differently, by the looks of it Gibraltar are putting them as part of their 2015 stamp program. It will be interesting to see if Gibraltar will have a machine in their London Offices.

  3. I thought I would be safe sticking to overprints only - but now it's a nightmare even for that. The VE Day overprints sound a total waste - effectively 6 separate collector's sets from the 3 branches of the museum. Where does it all end? And I can't see whether Jersey are issuing Perth overprints on both Flag and Species or only one - the Congress website isn't clear and so I don't know what to order. Now I wish I had pulled the plug on these at the end of 2014.

    1. As indicated above, Jersey told us only yesterday that the Perth imprint would be on the flag stamps only. I passed this on to Congress organisers who may not have had time to update their own page, but it will be done soon. Another thing they have to do is to contact all the customers who ordered Guernsey stamps on the basis of information originally provided by IAR, and not corrected.

  4. Thanks Ian confirming Jersey/Perth situation - really helpful - didn't pick that up

  5. The Post & Go stamps that are available from the Pre-order facility on the IAR Website are not from the back office (B) machines as you stated. This time they are from the actual A003 and A006 machines which will be at the show for two days!


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