Tuesday 24 March 2015

New postage rate stamps 2015

New Machin & country definitive stamps 24 March.

Pictures of the actual stamps are now included in the original post here.


  1. I have a standing order with RM for FDCs with Tallents House and Country cancels for regional definitives .

    This morning (Friday) I received an additional cover for Wales with the Tallents House cancel. When I looked at the Wales covers I had already received I see that one of them has the Windsor cancel used for UK definitives. It must be assumed that the wrong cancel was used in the first place. The other country FDC's are as expected.

  2. I have just received back from Edinburgh four Country Definitive covers submitted for Tallents House postmarks with no postmark, because "we can only apply a First Day of Issue Counrty postmark". Since when can't a first day cover with new stamps not have a Tallents postmark.

    1. Reference to the Postmark Bulletin shows that the Tallents House and Windsor postmarks are available 'for the Definitive stamps' and on each page for the others (London, Edinburgh, Belfast and Cardiff) it reads 'the following first day of issue postmarks will be available for the Regional stamps to be issued...'. (Interesting that it refers to 'Regionals'.

      Last year and the previous year the wording was Tariff Definitive stamps and Country Definitive stamps, but the rule was the same: TH and Windsor only on Machins. I have not checked back any further but I think this has always been the case. Phone Handstamp Liaison on 0845 071 2000 and check if you think they have not done as they should have. The four Country Definitive handstamps are available from any Special Handstamp Centre. [It's a pity they didn't forward them to, say, Birmingham but you may already have done that so they would have been wrong then as well.]

    2. In 'first' the booklet RM sends out to give new issue details the covers are available with Tallents postmarks and the country postmarks are described as alternative. This is the first time I have had this problem since country defins have existed. I don't understand Tallents logic (why can't First Day Stamps have a Talents First Day Handstamp) and if they have changed the rules it was not made clear in Postmark Buletin.

  3. I have spoken to Handstamp Liaison and I am now to return the covers for a Tallents House postmark. The rules will now change for next year apparently. Whilst I am content with the outcome it has required un-necessary work to achieve a straight forward result.


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