Tuesday 8 April 2014

Updated list of Machin definitives issued in 2014

A number of new Machin definitive stamps will be available within the next week including those in the Buckingham Palace retail booklet and prestige stamp book, and more from counter sheets.

Issue date 15 April 2014 Buckingham Palace

Retail booklet 1st class code MCIL M14L, printed by Walsall Security Printers in gravure.

Prestige Stamp Book - 2 x 10p, 4 x 20p, 2 x £1 - MPIL M14L.  These are printed by Enschede in litho and as usual the text in the iridescent layer shows best under the phosphor.  This means that the MPIL shows quite well but the M14L is difficult to see.

Counter sheets

The following are expected very soon and will be added to our shop when available:

1st class red printed 18/03/14
1st Large red printed 18/03/14
10p printed 07/03/14
20p printed 14/03/14
£1 brown printed 10/03/14

Further printings of the new tariff stamps issued 26 March have also been made.  Date blocks are available on request.

81p - 11/03/14
97p - 10/03/14
£1.47 - 06/03/14
£2.15 - 12/03/14


  1. Thanks for keeping us up-to-date on the new Machins. Do you have plans to put together (as you did last year) a comprehensive list of all the new Machins from this year, including the different source code varieties? -- Dennis

    1. Yes, I am hoping to produce a completely new list from day 1 which will help the new customers who are finding our shop with it's unique set of numbers. I'm hoping to make it portable for use on mobile devices including smartphones - that is the most restricting format, of course.


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