Monday 14 April 2014

New slogan postmark marks 40 years of postcodes

In November 2009 we reported that Royal Mail were celebrating 50 Years of Postcodes with a series of national ink-jet slogans and the re-use at Norwich of a handful of pictorial slogan postmarks that had been used over the years.

Now, 5 years on, Royal Mail has introduced a new postcode to mark 40 Years of Postcodes.  So what is the explanation? 

Dathlu deugain mlwyddiant y cod post
Celebrating the fortieth anniversary of the postcode

It's not a blunder!  The 2009 campaign marked the first steps in the process when the first postcodes were introduced in what was then the NOR area, back in 1959.  The process of initial allocation of postcodes to all UK addresses took 15 years and finished when Norwich and Norfolk codes were changed to the NR format in 1974.

So far we've only seen the Welsh version of the new slogan, used on 10 April.  More information when we get it!

UPDATE 10.00: Thanks to John Gray for providing the English language version, also from Wales, this time without the 'Delivered by' portion.  I've adjusted this to enhance the image.

UPDATE 10.45
I have been told by Royal Mail that this postmark was used 10-12 April only.  This usually means 'for delivery on' those dates, which would mean 9-11.  We'll see what dates other reports bring, to shed light on this.

Intelligent Letter Sorting Machines produce the slogan in this form.



  1. I possess two envelopes, both cancelled at Romford (RM) Mail Centre. The 1st class item is dated 10.04.14, while the 2nd class item is dated 11.04.14. Both have the Delivered by Royal Mail portion.

    1. I have one cancelled at Southampton Mail Centre dated 11.04.14 (6.10pm) with "Delivered by Royal Mail"


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