Thursday 17 April 2014

Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games stamps to be issued in July

Royal Mail to launch special stamps to mark Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games 

Royal Mail will launch a special set of stamps in July to mark the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. The vivid stamps will feature the sports of swimming, cycling, squash, judo, netball and athletics. Only the design of the airmail to Europe stamp (up to 60g) featuring netball is being released at this time today.

UPDATE: The full set of 6 has now appeared in the Royal Mail Philatelic Bulletin but we have not yet been granted permission to show them.  Postmarks etc are shown on our webpage.

UPDATE 4 July: Images of all the stamps, and other associated products are now shown on Royal Mail's online shop

All the images are now shown on our website.

The designs show Judo, Swimming, Marathon, Squash, Netball and Para-Sport Track Cycling.

The stamps will go on sale three months from today on July 17, six days before the Games begin. Customers can register their interest to buy the stamps at 

Andrew Hammond, Head of Stamps and Collectibles at Royal Mail, said: “Royal Mail is delighted to be issuing special stamps for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. We are sure that they will capture the imagination of people in Scotland and the UK as well as all those athletes who will be in Glasgow and want to send mail back home.”

“The Commonwealth Games is the third-biggest multi-sport competition in the world and the special stamp issue will be a lasting reminder of the occasion.”

Ty Speer, Glasgow 2014 Deputy Chief Executive, said: “The unveiling of these special stamps to mark Glasgow’s hosting of the Commonwealth Games is an exciting moment and will appeal both to people sending mail during the Games as well as those collectors seeking a lasting souvenir of the event.”

The stamps have created by Dutch illustrator Nanette Hoogslag. The original photography is by Andy Hooper, the chief sports photographer of the Daily Mail.


  1. The Royal Mint web site and their latest brochure has the stamps displayed now on a coin cover.

  2. I received a copy of "Cover Lover" produced by Buckingham Covers today (7 July) - it has an illustration of all 6 stamps on a first day cover at the top of the first page (which is also the cover). The illustration is quite small but the designs of these stamps are clearly visible.

    1. Yes, the terms of the embargo were that we could show the images on our own products - so if I was doing first day covers (our own design, not theirs) I could show them and the stamps in print and on line, but not otherwise.

      I received my subescription copy of Stamp Magazine on Saturday and all the pics are in there too - with agreement.

  3. As an observer with no financial interest in this apart from being someone who will buy a single set and a single booklet, this all seems completely crazy (I don't expect you to comment of course). Everyone is allowed to see what the stamps look like but at the same they are not! Bizarre. Royal Mail shareholders will be reassured that the organisation employs someone, probably at great cost, who came up with this idea.


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