Wednesday 23 April 2014

Another change to Post and Go on Monday 28th April

Readers will recall that the late decision to retain the 10g Worldwide and Postcard rate in the April 2014 tariff has caused some confusion over the validity of Post and Go stamps and the monetary value of older Faststamps and booklet stamps.

Now there is an unofficial report that there will be a further change on Monday 28 April*:

The Europe 20g NVI will change to show Euro 20g/World 10g. The value of the stamp remains 97p. No picture of this layout has been seen, and it's difficult to envisage just how this will be shown.  Also it is not clear whether this applies only to NCR machines and that at the BPMA or to all machines including Wincor-Nixdorf.  I shall be in Inverness on Monday, so will find out first hand what happens there.

More news as we get it, but look out for these at your Post and Go office next week.


* This was confirmed in an announcement from Royal Mail, but as everybody by now knows, this change was only effected on the RM2 machine operated by IAR at the BPMA.  No change was ever intended to the Wincor-Nixdorf machines (which are rapidly disappearing) and the change to the NCR machines was - according to Post Office Ltd - delayed due to technical difficulties.

We are hoping for a further announcement within the next month.

The change was implemented on NCR machines on 5 June - see new entry.


  1. No change at South Shields - Wincor Nixdorf machines

  2. BPMA dispensing new value / strip 28/04/2014.

    NCR Machines have not been updated yet, hopefully within the next 48 hours is what we were told.

  3. Monday 28th April 2014 - Harlow, Essex. NCR machines continue to dispense Europe up to 20g. No change in format.
    Doug (Enfield)

  4. I got a Europe to 20g from a Wincor Nixdorf machine last Monday. 97p and just showing Europe to 20g as normal.

  5. Durham's new NCR machines went live today (Friday, 2nd May) and no change on the Europe 20g.

  6. B.P.M.A Euro 20g/Worldwide 10g on one stamp (97p) from 28 April. Other indicators the same. Wincor Nixdorf (York at least) unaltered. Don't know about NCR collector's strips yet.

  7. Douglas Myall9 May 2014 at 19:29

    The NCR dual value has been delayed and had not been issued by 9 May. However, a dual value label was issued on the announced date by the BPMA machine but that is a Hytech V2 and has a different typeface. It does, however, show what the dual service indicator will probably look like on the NCR machines. The BPMA label vended on 29 and 30 April has the alpha-numeric code B4GB14; labels vended in May have B5GB14 so the B4 ones will be scarce.

  8. They are on a Royal Mail Series II machine from IAR - Hytech no longer involved.


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