Thursday 5 July 2012

Updated list of Post and Go locations

Brian Sinnott has updated the list of Post and Go locations and a complete list is now on his blog here.

The latest office is Dorchester in Dorset, and there are now 239 machines in 148 publicly accessible* offices.  The number of machines in each office is shown but on my (Firefox) browser it almost clips the right-hand column.  It shows properly in Safari.  Most offices have 1 or 2 machines but there are 9 at Pinfold Street Birmingham,

Machines with codes 699010/699011 are at the Old Street PO Head Office and are also used at exhibitions.

UPDATE 16/7/12 -  Cambridge (St Andrews Street) 007113 now has a third machine in the refurbished office. (Thanks SM) 
This is a Post and Go Label from the new machine: 007113 3-PAG 

I hadn't seen the machine-vended Certificate of Posting, nor realised that the Post and Go labels now show a destination postcode - although not all of it is printed on the label (NR2 instead of NR20).


  1. Can anyone give a removal date for one of the 10 kiosks that were at Pinfold Street, Birmingham leaving 9? Or if the Tesco Brent Park the missing kiosk 4 from Tudor Street London - it has no coin slot or bank note reader hence card only? Can anyone give a removal or a start date? Can e-mail me at with the data! Thanks.

  2. Birmingham Kiosk no 1 was removed prior to opening to business 03/07/12 – therefore the branch no longer has a Kiosk 1 – Kiosk 9 was relocated to Kiosk 1’s position.

    Brent Park was installed on 07/12/2011 but due to staff training issues it was some time before it was brought into service and one of the last kiosks to be upgraded to V2.


  3. Kiosk 3 receipts were giving the old address for this office (9-11 St Andrew St) and old office ident 007113. Kiosks 1 and 2 were giving the right address (57-58 St Andrew St) and ident 008113.

    Examples of the complete certificate of posting, I have examples on my wincoralbum1 and wincoralbum2 websites. Try under the listing for Sutton (id 014013) and Broadway (010011).

  4. Clapham has gained a third P&G machine. Could this be Aldwych 3rd machine and was this machine the source of the 000000 code label for sale on eBay last week (item number: 120953436253)?
    Have more offices been equipped with machines, either new or relocated?

  5. Plymouth has had its existing 2 post and go kiosks removed (Friday).
    The manager informs that 3 or 4 'NEW' ones will be arriving on Monday - will this generate new fonts/designs/receipts? Obviously more kiosk numbers.
    Or will they be the same 'makes'?

    Have heard also that Paignton is due additional kiosks soon too (it is a single kiosk office at present). Appears to be widespread with Old St, Dorchester having changes.

    1. To confirm the two old machines returned on Mon 30/07/12 in Plymouth along with an additional Wincor - exactly same model but brand spanking new! So 3 machines now in Plymouth.

  6. Believe the 000000 code label came from the Trafalgar Square branch.


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