Monday 2 July 2012

Machin 2nd class coil by Enschede - new 2012 code!

Machin coils of 10,000 have been a problem since Royal Mail refuse to split them even though we know and they know that they could sell singles and strips with no problem, to thousands of collectors all over the world.

Dealers bought the original 2009 coded 1st and 2nd class which have been available at a reasonable price.  The 1st class 2010 was also obtained, but the price was considerably higher.

Then the 2nd class 2010 was found on 'junk' mailings from a number of mailing houses.  This is known as the Sunday Times Wine Club stamp as it was first found on a mailshot from the club.  Prices achieved on eBay have been amazing, but settled down as more came to market.

Reliable information from Royal Mail said that both 1st & 2nd class were printed with 2011 codes, but none have so far been reported.

Earlier this year we learned that a new 2nd class coil was to be printed by Enschede, and thanks to dealer Alec Withell we can now show images of the stamp and the coil.  Oddly, whilst other 2012 stamps have appeared with the M12L code, this one is coded MA12!

Of course now we wait to hear which direct mailshots are using these - or the 2011 version in 2nd or 1st class !

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