Wednesday 4 July 2012

Delivered by Royal Mail - from Bristol ink-jet (and updated to show others)

Here's the first image we have been sent showing the new 'attachment' to the traditional inkjet postmark.  (Thanks to John P).

The original story is here.

UPDATE: Some more, including one from Chester only partially bilingual - I wonder if this will change?   Also two covers from Bath Bristol Taunton, the 2nd class one showing what happens if there is no slogan - uncancelled stamp! Note these have 7 wavy lines.


Swindon also not yet using Delivered by slogan (thanks Rob) - this one with 9 wavy lines:


  1. Bilingual postmark appear briefly at Bristol on 31/5. Appeared from 23 June at Bristol then Nottingham.

    Also dots on items top left.


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