Friday 27 July 2012

Royal Mail Gold Medal Postmarks - details

Royal Mail have announced the design and reference numbers for collectors wishing to send Gold Medal stamped covers for cancellation. Note that all covers go to Tallents House Edinburgh from where they will be distributed to Special Handstamp Centres in rotation.

"First Day Covers - Royal Mail will accept customer FDCs until 28 September.  Covers for postmarking should be sent to Royal Mail Tallents House, 21 South Gyle Crescent, Edinburgh EH12 9PB    
Union Flag Postmark for Olympic Gold Medal Stamps.
Dates and Postmark Reference numbers

29 July - 12653
30 July - 12654
31 July - 12655
1 August - 12656
2 August - 12657
3 August - 12658
4 August - 12659
5 August - 12660
6 August - 12661
7 August - 12662
8 August - 12663
9 August - 12664
10 August - 12665
11 August - 12666
12 August - 12667
13 August - 12668


  1. Dont want to sound like an old cumdgeon, but I am off to hibernate for a couple of weeks until its all over, Saturation sickness has well and truly kicked in on the media, and its not doing to bad on this blog either. Spare a though for all us bods who dont have a sport bone. Rant over, back to sleep i go.

    1. Jeff,

      I hope you'll be working on your stamp collection. I don't *think* we've posted anything here about the Olympic Games other than stamp/postmark related, but thanks for your interest (or lack of it!)


  2. Take a close look at the proposed postmark - Olympic Park London E20. E20 is new postcode area set up by Royal Mail - it was previously the fictious postcode for Walford of Eastenders fame. It is also likely that a series of temporary postcodes exist for the athletes village. RM produced similar postcodes for the Manchester Commonwealth Games with one code for each national team.

  3. I can just image Royal Mail printers huddled around a TV waiting for an elusive GB gold medal.

    1. I don't know... if there's no medal by 11pm then 6 sets of printers around the country get an early night. Otherwise they are working through till breakfast-time!


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