Monday 23 July 2012

Smilers Stamps on demand in Olympic Athletes Village!

Copied from Graham Howard's Smilers-Info website:
    Smilers Booth at Olympic Village Post Office  
    Yink Ltd have tweeted us to advise that they will be manning a Smilers Booth in the Olympic Village Post Office. Unfortunately, access is provided to Olympic Village pass-holders only, i.e. athletes and workforce. Does anyone out there have access to the Olympic Village Post Office?  If so, can they get us a photo of the booth please and perhaps comment on the products available? (22/07)

Please help Graham, or leave a comment here - thanks!


  1. Just received a smilers stamp from one of the games makers working in the village. Very nice. She posted my FDC in the post office there, Just got them back with the Olympic park handstamp, not the operational stamp which is a shame.

    1. Lucky YOU!

      Send a scan to and I'll add it.

  2. I worked at the athletes village and have a sheet of smilers on green back ground - with a photo of me!! What do you think i would get for them on ebay, or do you think i should hold onto them for a few years?


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