Sunday 15 July 2012

London 2012 Olympic Gold Medal stamps- as it happens

I wonder how many websites and blogs will be created to list all the Team GB Olympic medal winners, and how many of these will list all the gold medal winners with pictures of the stamps generated by Royal Mail?  (See our original report and the design of the Gold Medal stamps here.)

This blog doesn't lend itself to doing that.  If I constantly update a blog entry it will slip off the first page viewed as other philatelic news breaks.  As we get the pictures - and at the moment I don't know whether Royal Mail will send them to us by email every day - I'll update the page on our website, but it may not be possible to keep this up-to-the-minute.  For one thing the Norfolk and Norwich Philatelic Society Summer Stamp and Postcard Fair will be keep me busy all day on 4th August!

On the Smilers Stamps website, Graham Howard has set up a new page which "we hope to feature details of all these new stamps and sheets in a new page Gold Medal Winners", so I won't duplicate that in this blog.  There is also a link to Graham's page at the foot of this page ('links')


  1. Hi Ian

    Thanks for letting us know.

    One question...

    These "gold medal stamps", will they be available singly, or will it be possible to get them singly?

    1. Thanks for asking, that prompted me to add the omitted link to the blogpost with the design etc for the gold medal stamps.

      Royal Mail's press release indicated:
      "Team GB supporters will be able to buy the stamps individually or as part of a special sheet."

      That means that postmasters have been instructed that they can - exceptionally - split the miniature sheets and sell single stamps. I don't know how easy that will be, I suspect scissors will be used. We will be supplying singles in a complete set when the games are finished. This will be especially useful for collectors outside the UK.

  2. According to August's GSM (page 35), the stamps will be available to purchase individually, online via Royal Mail and from Tallents House.

    1. Thanks for this. I am surprised that singles will be available online.

      Nothing there at the moment.


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