Sunday 9 May 2010

London 2010 Festival of stamps - photo-gallery

Had an enjoyable trip to London yesterday and the Festival of Stamps and the Business Design Centre in Islington.  Lots of news, but first a gallery of first impressions.

09.30 Ticket Holders starting to enter the building.

The queue extended round the corner and alongside the Hilton Hotel.

Auction House Spinks advertise on a London cab - it's a long-term arrangement but the driver now appreciated why he was parked up outside the Hilton!

10.15 After a breakfast break at the conveniently placed and friendly Cafe Uno, our first view of the main hall, with Royal Mail's stand in the far distance.

Royal Mail's huge stand with many serving points which kept queues quite short.
... with some super-large stamps (even if this one is in the forecast colour rather than as issued):

And lastly - discovered mid-morning by some and not until the afternoon by others!  The Post Office counter, with malfunctioning Post & Go machine off-screen at the left.

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