Monday 10 May 2010

More New Security Machins on sale at London 2010 - update

FOYAL becomes MFIL !

We can't spot everything - most of you know that I am not so much a Machin specialist, but more  conduit for all the news that we and others find!   The Large Letter stamps with MA10 code have the point of origin code changed - see the now edited original post and comments.


  1. Returned from London 2010 a bit confused. (probably annoyed, but what can you do?). I asked for the Large 1st and 2nd with MA10 and told - "Oh I'll have to put my glasses on" and off the guy went to try to find them. Over 5 mins later managed to find them. I got the impression that he was sorting through a pile of booklets. OK so far. Then I asked for the MA10 books standard 1st and 2nd. I got the 12 x 1st and 6 x 1st booklets. BUT I was then told that the MA10 version in the 2nd class hasn't been issued yet - "Probably in a few months". After asking him to check, I still got the same reply. Am I really going mad or are they inventing the rules as they go along? I later asked one of the 'floating' helpers on the stand as to why I didn't receive the single special stamp (with the two monarch's heads) in my regular order for new issues. Reply - Oh well it's difficult you see - it was being issued in the miniature sheet"!!!
    Doug Fairhurst (Enfield)

  2. The 12 x 2nd is out, check out ebay as there is a one for sale under the item no 310221526377

  3. Yes, that looks like the ones we bought in a local newsagents last month.
    Quote from listing:
    "THESE BOOKS ARE NOT IN GENERAL CIRCULATION AND CAN BE DIFFICULT TO OBTAIN." I think it would be better had he said, 'these do not seem to be available from post offices but have been distributed to retail outlets like supermarkets' !!


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