Thursday 27 May 2010

KEEP SMILING! 10th Anniversary sheet has two unique stamps

Royal Mail's booklets of definitive sized Greetings Stamps started with conventional perforations on the first [SG QA1&2] using old designs (SG 2567-72)

- and the second [QA3] which used 6 new designs (2672-77).  The associated generic Smilers sheets were also with conventional perforations.

The third booklet [QA4] contained 'the most popular of the first 12' but this time with elliptical perforations, bringing 6 collectably new stamps (2819-24).

The two Love booklets [SA1 & SA2] also brought new stamps (2693).

The Smilers for Kids marketing exercise (which thankfully hasn't been repeated in 2010) included the 'New Baby' stamp with elliptical perforations, but as this is only available in the premium-priced sheets it doesn't achieve a separate catalogue listing.   The other three designs in the S4K series (Flower, Hello & Balloons) had all been in QA4 so do have separate listing.

Now, to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Smilers there's a sheet which contains an odd mix in odd quantities -
4 each of the new Birthday Cake and Present stamps,
2 each of the 20gr airmail stamps,
3 Union Flag, and
1 each of the Robin, Love, Thank You, Fireworks, and Balloons stamps.

All these are litho with elliptical perforations, so the Robin, Fireworks and Thank You are new, not having been included in the 'most popular' QA4 booklet.  But these shouldn't be getting a separate catalogue listing either, so make sure you get yours now from this high face value sheet.  If you don't get them now, they will be even more expensive when the preprinted albums are published in May 2011 and these are no longer available.

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