Sunday 16 May 2010

Another change to the 2010 GB stamp programme

Announcement from Royal Mail:

Due to circumstances beyond Royal Mail’s control, the issue dates for some stamp issues later this year will be interchanged and a stamp issue planned for 2011 will now be issued this year. 

2010 and 2011 changes
The Musicals
* issue originally scheduled for 19 August will now be issued on 22 February 2011.
The Great British Railways stamp issue originally scheduled for 16 September will now be issued on 19 August 2010.
The Medical Breakthroughs issue that was planned for February 2011 will now be issued on 16 September 2010. This stamp issue does not feature an anniversary.

* As advised in the preview briefing in February, this is to feature publicity posters of current West End musicals.
This is the latest change to the programme, in a year which has seen unprecedented variations to the original published programme, the first of which delayed distribution of the usual annual booklet from January until March!
The Britain Alone set just issued last week was originally slated for September (Battle of Britain time) and the Railways issue was originally listed for issue during London 2010.
The House of Stuart issue was originally listed for 12 October but was moved to 15 June, switching with the Children's Books Europa issue.

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