Sunday 23 May 2010

London 2010 - more covers

This is one of the actual gold horizon labels I posted to myself from the London Festival of Stamps post office.

It is not possible to produce Horizon labels for normal letter postage (less than 100gr, ie 41p 1st & 32p 2nd class), so the £0.81 label shown above is the minimum solo use.  However, you can use Horizon labels to make up the postage on letters also bearing stamps.  So I produced this novelty item using a Faststamp from the Post & Go machine for the basic 41p, with the balance of 56p on the Horizon label to make the 1st class Large Letter rate.  Note that, in accordance with the rules, the Fastamp is handstamped at the counter (in this case the PO service at the show was provided by the postmaster from Leytonstone, so these have the branch CDS).   Normally mail posted with Horizon labels would not get a machine postmark as most are non-machineable but this went through the Mount Pleasant machine on the first operational day after the mail was collected from the show at 5.30pm on Saturday 8 May.

Set of 5 Faststamps from London 2010 Post & Go machine (branch code 002010) cancelled with special show handstamp.

And a set of 3 Post & Go labels from London 2010 Post & Go machine (branch code 002010) cancelled with special show handstamp.  These would not normally be cancelled in normal postal operations, but an exception was made for items posted at the show.

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