Wednesday 2 June 2010

Update and holidays

Not much news to report, save that we now have the 1st class MA10 sheet stamp and hope to add it to our shop system before the end of the week.

Meanwhile you can click on these links for the London Festival of Stamps products, and the MA10 security stamps and FDCs.  These and more can also be found using the ordinary search facilities on the shop.

All will be quiet on the blog next week as we are taking a break from 5-12 June.  Back online by Monday 14th invigorated and refreshed ready to deal with everything that the postal system and internet sends our way.  Of course the first thing to do will be to add the special postmarks for the House of Stuart stamps and the Mammals retail booklet both of which are issued on 15 June.  We will have FDCs of the set, MS and booklet but only a limited number with a small choice of handstamps.

We have the Mammals booklets including cylinder books.  First impressions are that the colour registration particularly for the magenta is very poor on many, and the cyan has a slight right shift on most of our cylinder books affecting the inscriptions and, perversely, the cylinder number itself which doesn't fit into the 'reversed out' other colours but has a white edge to the left!   Pictures of actual books later, this is the publicity picture.  Should be popular with consumers.

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