Wednesday 19 January 2022

Walsall = ISP = Cartor

It seems that the name of Walsall Security Printers is to disappear for good.  We understand that ISP - International Security Printers Group (Walsall and Cartor) have changed their company name to Cartor Security Printers.  

According to the filing at Companies House, the change took effect from 23 August 2021.

What appears to be a press release on the Digital Labels & Packaging website reads:

UK-based International Security Printers (ISP), Walsall Security Printers (WSP), and France-based Cartor Security Printing have announced a rebranding to Cartor Security Printers. The move, which reflects the way the company has grown and expanded in recent years, consolidates their existing brands to form a single unified identity.

A new logo based on the Cartor name style, which has been designed to reflect the company’s security printing offering, includes a hero graphic to suggest a barrel lock – or fingerprint – providing a creative and impactful nod to the “C” of Cartor. The firm’s current website is being completely redeveloped to reflect the rebrand and is scheduled for launch in January 2022.

As a security printer, Cartor Security Printers produce high caliber print for a large global client base from both their UK and France production sites. This includes work for more than 180 postal administrations throughout the world, where the Cartor name has become synonymous with  creative stamp printing.

While the new branding reflects this heritage, the company will be targeting new markets where it can apply its expertise in print, ink and materials technology, to create highly innovative, secure solutions for businesses with high monetary or intellectual value products and services. From security printing to advanced track and trace and authentication capabilities and tailor-made consultancy services, Cartor’s wide range of solutions help companies combat fraud to better protect their brands and revenues.

Ian Brigham, Cartor’s managing director, says, “Both the existing ISP/WSP and Cartor parts of the business are different in terms of offering, approach, communication and customers. Despite complementing each other, the current configuration can be confusing for customers, so the time is right to unite our brands under one identity.

“With significant investment in plant and facilities, together with an experienced, skilled and committed workforce, we believe that we are well placed to deliver an industry-leading security printing service to global organizations in order to protect revenues, brands, and reputations,” he adds.

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  1. I wonder if this means that Walsall printings will still carry the 'W' cylinder numbers on sheets and booklets?


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