Wednesday 5 January 2022

January 2022 postmark slogans and other interesting postal markings.

As often happens after Christmas slogans are usually changed, although in the absence of Merry Christmas or Happy New Year we half expected the 'Get Your Booster' slogan to continue for much longer. 

In fact January's slogan postmarks started in December when the system defaulted to the Action for Children slogan just in time for January delivery (details below).

All slogan postmarks will be shown here for January; please check for latest updates before spending your time scanning, but if you have something new or another format, then please do send it in for publication.  Scans at 300dpi are fine; mobile photos tend to be very big and have to be reduced.

My thanks to PC.  This one image shows usage from South Midlands Mail Centre on 31-12-2021 and Bristol (BA BS GL TA) Mail Centre 02/01/2012.  Thanks to PC for this, which shows both IMP and iLSM versions.

Royal Mail
supporting youth
mental health with

 This might be the first time this has appeared with the datamatrix-inspired three wavy lines?

Default 'Action for Children' slogan used at South Midlands Mail Centre on 31-12-2021 and Bristol (BA BS GL TA) Mail Centre 02/01/2012

Update 26 January 2022:  My thanks to several members who sent the latest slogan, from Chester & NW Wales (KD), Sheffield (RW) and the best here, from Birmingham Mail Centre 24/01/2022 (from GH).

Holocaust Memorial Day
Light a candle
in your window
8pm 27 January 2022

Holocaust Memorial Day slogan Birmingham Mail Centre 24/01/2022

The other format, from RW from Swindon Mail Centre also on 24-01-2022

Holocaust Memorial Day slogan Swindon Mail Centre 24/01/2022

UPDATE 1 February.
My thanks to KD for sending this image of a slogan which will probably last all week and therefore kick-off the February slogan post.  Celebrating the Queen's accession in 1952 this will be useful for first day covers on Friday.

Accession Day
6th February
70th Anniversary

Accession Day postmark slogan, Gatwick Mail Centre 31/01/2022

This will carry over to next month.


My thanks to KC for forwarding this image of a counter date stamp postmark he recently received on a 1st class large letter. This postmarking is correct for mail handed over or stamped at the counter.   The branch is DALES ROAD which is in Ipswich, Suffolk, although you would not know that from the datestamp which is dated 17 JA 2022.

Dales Road (Ipswich) counter date stamp 17 January 2022.

Remember, all postmarks appearing in January will be added to this post, so check here before you spend time scanning and emailing.  I'll try to add new ones as quickly as possible.

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