Tuesday 4 January 2022

Happy New Year 2022 - the quiet times stay quiet!

Royal Mail's new year stamp announcement is usually released to the press in what they call the 'quiet news' period when they would get maximum publicity, ie the inter-holiday period (28-31 December)

But this year they have delayed it.  Even the Music Giants VI issue for which we had  a blog post scheduled for 6 January is now delayed until 11 January (release date 20th.

So I currently have draft blog posts scheduled for:

- 2022 programme

- Music Giants VI: The Rolling Stones (Jan 20)

- Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee (February?)

- Covid Heroes (March ?)

- another which I can't tell you anything about

I could also draft posts for the rest of the year's issues, it would certainly help to get ahead while I can.  Blogger allows me to set a scheduled date for publication, but I can push it further back if Royal Mail delay the announcements, or bring it forward if they suddenly release details earlier than they told us they would (not unknown).

UPDATE 5 January: I've today been sent another copy of the full calendar which somebody picked up from his local Post Office branch, and on Stampboards there is a thread devoted to worldwide 2022 stamp programmes and somebody else has found a calendar and posted it there.  You just have to search.

The December postmarks have been updated and we're ready for your January slogan news - it will probably be a continuation of the Get Boosted Now campaign for a while.   Did anybody see a Merry Christmas or Happy New Year slogan as we have had in past years? 

Royal Mail Merry Christmas slogan postmark 2020

Royal Mail New Year slogan postmark 2019

5 January: a further update to December and a new post for January are imminent.

So there isn't much to add except to wish you all a Happy New Year with this card by Jenny Nyström from Sweden.

Happy New Year - 365 Happy Days!


  1. Happy New year To you and yours Ian hope it's a good one .

  2. Visited my local post office yesterday and was given Special stamp issue 2022 calendar Complete stupidity

  3. Advice Note from Royal Mail. Issue Date 04/02/2022. Description "February Special Stamp Issue". AS8102 Stamps; YB104 Prestige Stamp Book. Doug (Enfield)

  4. Just had my order advice note for the Queen's platinum anniversary issue on 04/02/2022 no details just a stamp set & PSB total price £30.15


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