Friday 14 January 2022

Royal Mail - 1st February 2022

A number of people have written, or added comments to other posts, about stamps due on 1 February - this is in addition to the ones due on 4 February which we also can't tell you about.

Customers with standing orders paying from their accounts or by regular charge against their cards will have received notifications about:

DS1201 for £3.76 plus service charge - or it may be multiples thereof

DF071 for £5.15 plus service charge.

UB450 for £3.40 plus service charge.

From previous orders you will know that UB products are retail booklets, DS products are Definitive Stamps, and DF are Definitive First Day Covers.

There may be other UB products and DP (Definitive Presentation Packs).

Images and information will be released on 1 February (the issue date) by Royal Mail as part of a wider service announcement.

Our blog posts are already written, but we don't know what the service announcement is about so that will be added later.  We will publish as soon as we can, ie midnight+1 on 1st February.