Thursday, 10 September 2020

September slogan postmarks

A third of the way through the month and there are no new slogan postmarks to report so it is timely to mention the default slogan used by Royal Mail when there is nothing else to commemorate or mention.

A number of people have sent examples, and we received this very clear one from Warrington in today's post.

Royal Mail
supporting youth
mental health with

Any new slogans or other interesting postmarks will be reported here, including handstamps.

IP sent this default slogan (in the other format, reversed with the wavy lines at left) from August but with a handstamp from Sheffield Mail Centre showing postcode S9 2XX.  This is in the Brightside district in the Lower Don Valley

UPDATE 23 September
I saw a slogan today for Brest Cancer Awareness Month. Unfortunately it is so poor that I won't waste time scanning it, and I can't even be sure of the exact wording.  BCAM runs for the whole of October.

Thanks to KD for sending the image below, I can now show the wording on this slogan, here on an example from Chester & N Wales dated 22/09/2020.

Breast Cancer
1-31 October

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