Saturday 12 September 2020

New edition of our Machin Security Checklist available now.

With apologies for the delay, I am pleased to say that the latest version of our Machin Security Stamps Checklist is now available as a free pdf download.  This is version 2.2.9

You can read it online or download it by clicking on this link, or on the one in the right-hand column below the Covid-19 notice.

This includes the 1p and 5p counter sheet stamps not yet received.

APOLOGETIC UPDATE: The slow process of updating the Checklist meant that I had produced more than one version, and I then updated an old one instead of the later one.  Thus the omission of several stamps and I am grateful for readers pointing out those omissions.  

The link above has now been corrected to download the new version 2.3.0.


  1. Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist. Please fix

    1. Sorry Ed, the new compose/edit interface is taking some getting used to. The link on the right worked ok. "Security Machin Catalogue - Free Download"

      Now corrected.

  2. Hi Ian,
    I see that all four NVI counter stamps with M20L are missing from the listings. Also the 1st and 2nd MTIL M20L (and the associated booklets of 12) have been omitted.


    1. Thank you John, I must have missed an update, or failed to save one. I know the counter sheets had been added at one stage.

      OK, I'll get on to that later, but wait and see if anything else is raised.


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