Sunday 20 September 2020

Machins 2020 - 2nd Large booklet now in circulation

My thanks to DL for reporting and sending the picture of the latest booklet stamp for 2020 to be in circulation.  This was on sale at a Royal Mail sorting office, and others are reported to have appeared on eBay.

This is the penultimate booklet, with the booklet of 6 x 1st class still to appear.  The stamp will be 2933.20 in the Norvic checklist, and Stanley Gibbons U3032.

Counter sheets

I can also now show the 1p & 5p from counter sheets.  Thanks to RP.

UPDATE 23 September
Two more new M20L counter sheet stamps have been issued, the 1st Royal Mail Signed For (RMSF) printed on 14/05/20 and 100g Special Delivery (printed on 15/05/20).

Also reprinted are the 1st Large RMSF and Special Delivery 500g both on 15/05/20.  This is surprising as, although they weren't printed in 2019 there was a February printing of both this year, which suggests that those were emergency short-run printings to satisfy immediate stock needs while Walsall were printing the new tariff definitives.    

Pictures to follow when the stamps are received.


  1. Hi Ian,
    Another day, another new item (well, two in fact). 1st RMSF and 100g SD with M20L have just appeared on a certain auction site. They are available as a pair as eBay item 313229719527, but they are also available singly. The date tabs show 14/05/20 for the 1st RMSF and 15/05/20 for the 100g SD.


  2. First sighting of the missing £4.56 Booklet M20L MSIL in the Watford area.


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