Friday 18 September 2020

London's Virtual Autumn Stampex 1-3 October 2020


It's about this time of the year that collectors would normally be preparing their bags and sandwiches ahead of getting up early to make the trek to London for Autumn Stampex.  This year, of course, it's not going to happen.  

Instead, the Philatelic Traders' Society is organising a Virtual Stampex, online, which will be 'open' 24 hours a day from 08:00 on 1st October, to 07:59 on 4th October.  To take part you need to register, via this webpage.

Over 100 PTS Members and affiliated philatelic organisations and societies available live for you to chat to, in the Booth Hall to buy, sell, learn, chat about stamps.    

Visit the SPINK Auditorium to watch live and recorded webinars including Q&A sessions.

The 2020 Stampex Court of Honour will celebrate some of the leading collections in the world.

[Edit - my thanks to Isobel at PTS for pointing out (very nicely) that I had totally overlooked the navigation bar at the top of the Stampex International page.]

Booth holders* can be found here:

Stampex Talks here:

Stamps in the Attic information is here:

Overview on other activity regarding stampex can be found here. This gets updated as and when people tell us what is happening. 

*In addition to those listed I understand that Royal Mail will be taking part, although when I asked RM earlier this week there was no information on what that participation would involve or offer.

While we don't know what Royal Mail will be offering  we do know (thanks to the Commonwealth Stamps Opinion blog - to whom thanks for the pictures) that the avaricious postal authorities of Guernsey and Jersey are determined not to miss out on some Post and Go income, with specially inscribed stamps printed back on the islands.

These will be in strips of six as usual but I didn't want to allocate them too much space!

Other matters permitting I shall be dipping in from time to time - I think it will be interesting, and I hope others will also.  

The PTS is to be commended for organising the event even if provision of information is a bit slow.

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