Thursday 27 August 2020

Palace of Westminster & Big Ben Maximum Cards

It is not easy to create first day covers or maximum cards when the topic of the stamps is surrounded by intellectual property or copyright issues.  Although James Bond cards are available, for example, they can be quite expensive if you have to buy online, and sellers are listing individually.  And with no postcard fairs running through the pandemic period, it's refreshing to have a stamp issue for which you can safely say, "I've got some of those!".

And so although the Palace of Westminster issue wasn't universally popular, at least I had a good number of cards showing either Parliament or Big Ben (the Elizabeth Tower).

Some of these will be listed on the shop when we reopen, so if you are interested in maximum cards, especially those of World Heritage Sites, then look out for our opening announcement here.

These are just some that I produced, all of which use cards which date from the Victorian period to World War 2.  Click on the images to see larger versions.   Both 1st class stamps are represented, the view from the river and the Elizabeth Tower, with two postmarks showing either the clock tower or the face.



  1. Hi Ian. I have just started postcrossing and would like to be able to make some maxicards myself. How do you get the matching postmark added? Thanks, geo_

    1. Please email me as indicated at top right on the blog, and I'll help.


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