Friday 7 August 2020

List of Machin definitives issued, released, or discovered so far in 2020

Circumstances have prevented my producing as many pictures of new definitives as I normally do.  My thanks, therefore, to RP and NS who have provided pictures of some recent reprints.

5p and 10p counter sheets


1st class booklet of 12

Post and Go
For the record we can report that the R20YAL printing of the Machin head Post and Go stamp is now in circulation. This blank was noted on eBay.

2020 New Machins
I believe this is a complete list of the Machin definitives so far this year.  I have not had to to record, and so have not distinguished between upright and inverted backing paper.  As far as I know the list of printing dates for counter sheets is complete so far.

M19L coded stamps, with Norvic numbers.

1p      MPIL    Visions of the Universe PSB    4001P.9
2p      MPIL    Visions of the Universe PSB    4002P.9
                                            - not as dark as Queen Victoria PSB (4002Pa.9)
2p      MPIL    James Bond PSB                       4002P.9
                                            - same as Visions
5p      MPIL    Visions of the Universe PSB     4005P.9a
                                            - shade, lighter head than Star Wars PSB

10p    MPIL    Visions of the Universe PSB     4010P.9
£1.35 MPIL    Visions of the Universe PSB     4135P

2nd    MPIL    James Bond PSB                       2901P.9

M20L coded stamps

Counter Sheets (MAIL), with printing dates

2nd class     05/05/20           2911.20
1st class      04/05/20           2914a.20
2nd Large   12/05/20           2913.20
1st Large     07/05/20          2916a.20

1st Large Signed For    03/02/20       2992.20
Special Delivery 500g  04/02/20       2986.20

1p       13/05/20                    3001.20
2p       06/05/20                    3002.20
5p       13/05/20                    3005.20
10p     14/05/20                    3010.20
20p     14/05/20                    3020.20

£1.42   08/01/20                   3142           Also 09/03/20, 11/05/20
£1.63   08/01/20                   3163           Also 09/03/20, 12/05/20
£1.68   08/01/20                   3168           Also 09/03/20
£2.42   09/01/20                   3242           Also 09/03/20
£2.97   09/01/20                   3297
£3.66   09/01/20                   3366           Also 10/03/20
£3.82   09/01/20                   3385           Also 10/03/20

2nd class MTIL        2931.20
1st class MTIL         2914a.20
1st class MCIL         29361aC.20   Video Games, James Bond, Coronation Street, Queen, Sherlock

Business Sheets 
2nd class 22/01/20       2911B.20
1st class  04/05/20       2914aB.20

Prestige Stamp Books

1p  Music Giants IV: Queen      4001P.20
5p  End of World War II            4005P.20
50p End of World War II           4050P.20
£1.63 End of World War II        4163P

An updated version of the Norvic Machin Security Stamp Checklist will be produced for download as soon as possible.  [It's a bit too hot to sit in the office for long today.]

As always, thanks to anybody who points out errors and omissions, particularly Stuart this time who reminded me that I had omitted the whole PSB category!


  1. Not seen the 5p counter sheet stamp offered for sale anywhere yet.

    1. Single stamps have been on sale on Ebay. Search for 5p M20L.

  2. Missing are the definitives from the Queen (1p) and 75th Anniv of WWII (5p, 50p & £1.63) coded M20L

  3. U3026 1st ex Business Sheet MBIL M20L now showing on eBay #303649309508.

  4. I did manage to buy a Post & Go collectors set coded R20YAL last month, but the same with R19YAL are very elusive.


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