Wednesday 5 August 2020

Closure of Post Office (not Royal Mail!) online shop on 31 August 2020

Post Office Ltd announces the closure of the website shop.

For many years the UK Post Office website has had an arrangement with a third party to sell a variety of packing materials and stationery, and Royal Mail stamps and collectables sometimes long after they have gone off sale with Royal Mail.

Most recently the shop was run by Vow Ltd ,specialists in office supplies. Their catalogue includes Post Office Ltd PostPak (TM) products, but not stamps.

Post Office have now announced that their online shop will close on 31 August.

It's a standard phrase to 'apologise for the inconvenience'.  Crown Post Offices and some located inside the main franchises (like WHSmith) will of course sell office supplies and packing materials, but most small local village shops don't sell as large a range, if any.

To avoid any confusion among readers, especially overseas, who have forgotten about the separation of Royal Mail and Post Office, this does NOT refer to the Royal Mail Philatelic Bureau which continues as normal.

Further update: as some people still haven't understood the significance of this change the Royal Mail online shop continues as normal at


  1. Does this mean I will no longer be able to pre-order my new first day covers etc. Online?

  2. Or Prestige. booklets etc?

  3. After Derby PO stopped selling collectables, i was relying on the online shop. Where to go now?

    1. Reply to all - please see last paragraph. This change does not affect Royal Mail.

  4. Thanks for clarifying, Ian. I also initially was under the impression that this concerned the Royal Mail shop and didn't know there was a Post Office shop as well.


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