Wednesday 12 August 2020

August slogan postmarks

Almost half-way through August and no new slogan postmarks have been reported.

The last one for July, the Jack Charlton commemoration, was supposed to run until 9 August so if anybody has an August version I will gladly add it here.  Meanwhile, thanks to snail-mail correspondent RM in Swindon who sent this example from Swindon Mail Centre on 23 July 2020.


UPDATE 13 August
Only a few hours after posting this I was sent an example from Dublin Mails Centre dated 10.08.20, thanks to RL:

JG sent an indistinct example from Peterborough, but in the post today a letter from TB which has a superb example from Warrington Mail Centre dated 06-08-2020.

Update 18 August
Thanks to PC in Suffolk, we can now show the alternative layout, this time from Tyneside Mail Centre dated 07/08/2020.


With a significant amount of mail - machineable and non-machineable - not being postmarked these days, handstamps are not seen as often as they used to be.  JF sent this one from NORTHERN IRELAND MAIL CENTRE of 10 AUG 2020, and we received some new stamps posted at Enquiry Office Norwich on 06 AUG 2020, with postcode NR1 1AA.


UPDATE 26 August
This one was given to me by a neighbour recently.  I forgot to ask where it was from, but I think we can agree that (a) it is postmarked!, (b) it is illegible, (c) it is so well inked that the codes on the stamp are impossible to see - but it IS postmarked.  I think it was too thick for the machine, and so - for a change - was properly cancelled, rather than pen-cancelled.

If you have anything new in the way of other mail centre slogans, or other interesting machine or hand-struck postmarks:

This is your space!

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