Monday 10 August 2020

Another week, another new stamp

Before I have had time to finalise our catalogue, word reaches me today of yet another new Machin definitive stamp.

The latest addition to the stable is the 1st class business sheet which apepared on eBay this morning.  The seller is swanseajax and you can see the listing here.

The sheets were printed on 04/05/20.   The Norvic number is 2914aB.20.

My thanks to several people who reported this.

UPDATE 16 August
The 1st Large booklet stamp is now for sale on eBay from BB Stamps who unfortunately show only a library photo and no packing date.  This is Norvic 2937a.20.


  1. Hi Ian,
    You can also add the 1st Large MFIL M20L to the list. It has recently appeared on eBay at


  2. U3039 1st Large MFIL M20L now showing on eBay #303651775213

  3. Hi Ian,
    The 1p counter sheet has recently appeared on a certain auction web site. The eBay item number is 254715856954. The print date is 13/05/2020, so it has been a while surfacing.
    A good weekend to all.


    1. Thanks John, we hope to have some to show next week. But supplies are limited at Edinburgh. I suspect the low price means that dealers have bought whole sheets rather than selecting various blocks.

      Still no 5p though, although it has appeared once.

  4. A shame the seller is not offering these as single stamps, I don't want a whole page :-(

  5. The 5p is available in whole sheet form from the same seller as the 1p, ref is 264842380362. The 5p counter sheet is also available as a single ref is 133491503185 rml270.

  6. 1p Maroon M20L now on ebay ref 254716793175.

  7. Various versions of 1p Maroon M20L on ebay from miscut one is ref:- 383718113221

  8. U3032 2nd Large MFIL M20L now available on eBay #303696732284

  9. Another new stamp appeared on e bay the 2nd class large from booklet of 4, M20L MFIL ref:- 303696732284, cyl & plain booklets also available


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