Wednesday 27 November 2019

Is this a guide to 2020's tariff increase

Business news intelligence website Tamebay has published details of Royal Mail's new rates for business contract customers which are effective from 2 January 2010.

As Tamebay points out, this is not applicable to customers using stamps for postage, but it may provide a guide to the rates which will apply from April next year.

"Prices are going up by over 5% on many services in a move that won’t be welcomed by online retailers."

See the full article here, and follow Tamebay for more insights into the postal and online selling world.


  1. I spoke to Royal Mail about next year's issues in relation to their subscription packages for Presentation packs ,FDC's etc etc, NO great surprise same number of issues more or less as this year, Yes miniature sheets will be continued as well as being included in some presentation packs (knows but wouldn't say how many), when I queried about customer complaints regarding issues and size, was told 'you don't have to buy them, there are many products available with each issue now' I replied that stamps with the queens head on them should be for postal services not behind frames etc, then heard thank you for calling would you like a ref number logged as a complaint, said no thanks they wouldn't look at it. So glad that I gave up 6 months ago and now the rest of the club are calling it a day.

  2. So if I use these prices as a yardstick; 2nd class would cost 64p, 1st 74, letters to Norway, France &c £1: 43 and to South Africa &c £1.64. At least we would have 10p stamps to make 2nd class into 1st class in an emergency: eg forgot girlfriend's birthday...


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