Friday 22 November 2019

India can do it...

Complaints about collectable stamps being ruined by postal officials who either have no other means to cancel them, or who can't be bothered to find the appropriate device, are worldwide.

India Post seems to be the first to issue specific instructions to its employees about the proper cancellation of ordinary mail with collectable stamps (click for a larger image):

"Every postal article is required to be stamped with date stamp impressions of at least two post offices, ie office of Posting and office of delivery."

That doesn't apply everywhere, of course, but it would be good if major stamp producing countries like the UK, USA, and Australia would at least achieve the first part.

And this is a request from the Assistant DG of Philately, so it remains to be seen how well the operational people comply.


  1. Royal Mail, I'm sure you read this blog. Please take note to minimise destruction of stamps which have often been used specifically for the philatelic community, one of your income streams.

  2. Royal Mail has not been a well run company for many years, so do not expect too much of them. They will disappoint.


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