Friday 29 November 2019

Forget Black Friday consumerism, we have new old stamps on offer

Since 2009 we have concentrated on providing information about all Royal Mail's new security stamps, and making them available on our shop. At the end of last year we said that we would stop doing this from 2019 (M19L) onwards and provided details of alternative suppliers.

Before then, and since, we had promised to start adding earlier Machins, for which we had stocks.  

We have now finished processing Machin definitives with elliptical perforations, the Y numbers in the Stanley Gibbons Concise catalogue. 

We've added over 160 stamps, and booklets containing Y-stamps, and they are available on our shop now.  All the booklets are also included in the Y section but because of the numbering, the booklets come first once sorted into A-Z order. For some stamps we have variants not listed in Gibbons' Concise such as phosphor colour variants, and easily identifiable printings by different printers, or even the same printer:


As well as booklets, we have also listed cylinder and date blocks and strips for many values.


For some of these stamps we have reasonable stocks, others we have only a few.

My apologies to readers hunting for specific categories, that I totally omitted to provide any links when I posted this yesterday.

Machins with elliptical perforations - stamps are listed according to SG Y numbers
   Cylinder and Date blocks and strips are shown separately from the same stamps sold as singles and blocks.

Booklets containing stamps with elliptical perforations  - this link shows most recent additions in the booklets category.  Sorting A-Z will show them in Gibbons catalogue number order.

We hope you find something to add to your collection, and take your mind off the political situation which we are enduring in so many of our countries, and for those in the northern hemisphere, something to shine some light on these often gloomy days.  Looking at the bright colours of the 90s makes me wish Royal Mail would go back to that sort of brightness which now seems to be reserved only for the NVIs!

Talking of which, the NVIs (1st and 2nd) are not included here because they are a whole different area to look at.  By their very nature there are more variants in sheet printers, booklet size, printing, etc, and that will take a whole to sort out.

Next will be the stamps with full perforations, the Gibbons X numbered stamps or the NVIs.

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