Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Royal Mail's December Postal Slogans, Universal machine usage & other oddities

As expected Royal Mail has got off to an early start in December 2019 with the first Christmas slogan appearing on Monday 2nd December,

This post will include all reported December slogans, any usage of Universal machines anywhere on any date, (even if already reported for a different date), and any other oddities you find, so please send them to the usual email address (see top right).

Thanks to JE for the first one, used at the Lancashire and South Lakes Mail Centre at Preston on 02/12/2019:
Remember to
Post Early
this Christmas!

Update 4 December.
This is the one time of the year when we get a lot of stamped mail - most of our customers use online payment methods rather than cheques - so we are able to add two more examples from our own mail.  Another IMP impression, from Gatwick MC also on 02/12/2019, and one from Norwich MC on 03-12-2019.

UPDATE 12 December
Thank you to everybody who has sent images and reports of Christmas period postmarks. In no particular order, MC, JG, RS, JR, JE, MG & BM).

More 'Remember to Post'.   Lancashire & S Lakes and Romford both reversed on square envelopes, Home Counties North neatly and clearly on the back of the envelope!, and the other format from Exeter.


Last Posting Dates 1.
The first LPD slogan is from Peterborough on 10 December, and a second is reported from Swindon but with an unclear date.

2nd class - Wed 18th
1st class - Fri 20th
Special Delivery - Mon 23rd

A number of readers have sent in pictures of Universal machine impressions, the best being this from JE which is from Stromness ('Snowman' slogan, 4 Dec 2019).   This also shows additional cancellations by Aberdeen iLSM in transit and by Preston (Lancashire and South Lakes) IMP on arrival - 3 different machines on one cover!

This machine is in use all year and another was sent by JE from Orkney, Kirkwall, showing wavy lines only, poor impression.

Seasonal impressions were reported from 'Lancashire / South 6 Lakes' from Preston on 27 Nov 2019 (also shown in the November blogpost), with worn Postcode slogan. Also poor impressions seen from Tyneside (probably 'SCM3') and Norwich (CFC4), with wavy lines only.


Other readers reported Gatwick with the 'What will you send?' slogan, 9 December 2019, and Medway SCM but this is dated 8.30 PM / 2018!


As usual, we will add others as we learn of them.

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  1. Medway postmarks now (10th Dec) state the last posting dates, while on 6th December Jubilee mail centre was using a Gatwick universal machine.