Wednesday 10 October 2018

Post and Go Poppies include new printing this year.

The Post and Go Poppy stamp will make a further return appearance in Post Office branches nationwide, from 23 October 2018 in time for Remembrance Day and the many special covers which are being produced by the usual cover producers.

I've been told (thanks RW & SL) that this year stamps will be from a new printing with the year code showing as R18YAL - although branches with existing stocks will be likely to use those first.  Look out for stamps with 2nd class service indicators - it's bound to happen somewhere!

UPDATE 12 October.  Press release from the Postal Museum:
The poppy stamps with an overprint reading ‘The Postal Museum/ WWI 1918 – 2018’ marking the centenary of the armistice ending World War I will replace the Mail by Sea designs. Stamps will be available on all values and will run until 30 November.


  1. And, without any prior notice (unless I missed it) the Winter Greenery Post & GO labels have been reprinted with 1st class as R18YAL and 2nd class CL18S. Due for issue on 1 November.

    1. Blank strips on eBay already

      Also the poppies are there too with the same seller.

      Bristol Galleries are putting in 2018 poppies tomorrow when I asked about half an hour ago.

  2. Interesting as Upper Street, Islington, London has "17" 2nd Winter Greenery in their machines at the moment. Doug (Enfield)

  3. Are the museums issuing the poppies this year?


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