Monday 8 October 2018

Another early release of a special stamp

I wonder how long it will be before a Post Office branch lets out early a stamp which Royal Mail have placed an absolute embargo and kept the design secret until the day of issue.

This thought occurred because my friend Mia told me about this blog from Eva in Spain, has had not one but two examples of early use of the Old Vic stamps, officially issued on 30 August.  One was posted just two days early on 28 August, but the other was postmarked 20 August.  Although errors do occur on postmarks, this is most unlikely to affect the date and time on modern ink-jet postmarks.


Apparently the Post Office branch concerned had run out of any other stamp!  That would be because so few stamp issues have the basic European/postcard £1.25 stamp.


  1. I can't take credit for this one, just came across it in my blog reading list. The lovely Eva has allsorts of Mail Adventures.

  2. Recalling the Wallace & Gromit Christmas stamps early sale... the post office had sent Winnie the Pooh back.

    I wonder then if the Captain Cook issue from earlier in the month had been sent back, although no £1.25, easily made up by 1st + 2nd, as soon as The Old Vic stamps came in. .

  3. Thanks for posting this here. I hope I haven't caused any trouble to the employers of the post office!

  4. 1st class Christmas 2018 stamp (double aperture postbox - official issue date 1 November) received on letter today (18 October). Machine cancel (mental health slogan) of Northern Ireland Mail Centre dated 16 October.

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    2. Can you send a picture, please John, for another blog entry? Send to ian at


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