Wednesday 24 October 2018

Another early release - Christmas comes early to Belfast

My thanks to JG for this example of the 2018 1st class Christmas stamp, due for issue on 1st November, with a Northern Ireland Mail Centre postmark of 16 October.

Can anybody beat that date, or show early release dates for other values?


  1. Not an early release per se, but the Royal Mail is already showing almost the complete miniature sheet for the 70th Birthday of the Prince of Wales. Look closely at the main picture in the '2018 Yearpack' listing ( So much for an embargo...

    1. Thank you Frank. I've put this in a separate post on the blog, and I see Commonwealth Stamp Opinion blog is also showing it.

    2. See also

  2. I bought Christmas stamps from the local counter on the 10th October. Counterperson was told to sell them. Even though I said they usually don't get issued till November


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