Friday, 5 October 2018

More news on Machin counter sheets

New stock from Royal Mail is arriving sporadically and will be made available on our ecommerce site as soon as we have everything organised.

Meanwhile, a third printing of the 1st class counter sheet has arrived.  And this is yet a third variant.

The stamps, shown left to right in the image below, are
14 February - yellow-fluorescing phosphor
8 May            - blue phosphor with yellow fluorescence in the transparent iridescent ink.
28 August     - blue phosphor only*


* Although you can see a very pale W1 for the iridescent cylinder number I believe this is reflection, and no more than you can see with the naked eye.  I'll have another look in real darkness!


  1. Am I right that there will be no DLR stamp printings next year?

    1. Royal Mail said that the contract had been switched to Walsall earlier this year. They've not said anyting further. Nobody can rule out printing by any printer at any time.