Thursday 25 October 2018

70th birthday of HRH Prince Charles, miniature sheet 14 November 2018.

Although we have not had time to add all the details of the Harry Potter stamp issue here, most people will have seen it on the Royal Mail website.  

The website also shows the 2018 Year Pack, which the last issues of the year on the top sheet in the folder image, including the first pictures of the miniature sheet for the 70th birthday of HRH Prince Charles.  Thanks to a reader for pointing this out.   We are not able to show the whole sheet, FDC etc until the date of issue.  I'm sure this is already in many Post Offices, but being a miniature sheet the chances of early usage are minimal.

UPDATE: We've been reminded by Royal Mail that we are not supposed to show you that picture, which has now been removed from their own website. So instead here's another one, taken at a Post Office, showing the presentation pack already on display and being offered for sale.

so it is hidden until
they allow it - which was
less than 24 hours later

UPDATE 10 NOVEMBER - Embargo over.

Meanwhile, 7 hours after the email I received from Royal Mail on 9 November, a reader pointed out that Gibbons Stamp Monthly digital edition for December was online with the full story:

And here is a large version of the pre-print mock-up of the sheet, as provided by Royal Mail and as now in their online shop (click on it for the giant version).  Nice pictures, and the group in military uniform has not been published before, which must be why the secrecy.
For more details and individual pictures I direct you to Commonwealth Stamps Opinion Blog!


  1. Philatelic Bulletin arrived today, as a full article on the Charlie Mini Sheet which means its now out of embargo by default. Also, the sheet is self adhesive despite all info sources saying its PVA gummed.

    1. Believe it or not, the factfile sent to dealers didn't specify. You would have thought 'Gum" would be a standard heading the same as Stamp Size, Sheet Size, Perforations, Phosphor, and Print Process. But yes, self-adhesive they are.


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