Thursday 29 January 2015

Post and Go at Stampex - the full list

We have now been told what will be available at Spring Stampex, in London from 18-21 February.

Updated by Royal Mail 10.55 5 February

The Stampex overprint ‘ Spring Stampex February 2015’, which was originally scheduled to be applied to the Machin Post & Go stamp will now be switched to the Union Flag design.
Royal Mail machines - Updated after IAR acknowledged an error on their website

A003 will have Working Sail and Machin, unoverprinted

A004 will have Working Sail and Union Flag the latter with Spring Stampex inscription

A006 (upstairs) will have Working Sail and Machin, unoverprinted

Available to pre-order (minimum order value £150) from machine B001

Machin unoverprinted, Union Flag with Spring Stampex inscription, Working Sail

Until the machines are loaded, and replenished nobody will be able to say what date codes will be on the Machin and Flag stamps.

JE01 will have Jersey Flag with Spring Stampex inscription and Endangered Animals (first day)

GG01 will have Guernsey Flag with Spring Stampex inscription (first day) and Union Flag
But it didn't - the Union Flag had the Stampex inscription and the Guernsey Flag stamps were plain - although stamps from B002 were available at the Guernsey Post stand WITH the inscription - see full report.


  1. Regarding the date codes, I suppose there will be more than one loaded into each of the machines throughout the duration of the exhibition again!

  2. Hi
    I have been on iar royal mail post & go web site and they say machine A003 will have Working Sail in reel A and Machin in reel B whereas your list shows reel B as Union Flag. Would you be check which is correct..

    1. Please look again at the IAR page
      It's possible Bob has put different info on different pages, but that is my source.

    2. As I suspected, this page is different.

      Not helpful Bob!! I'll let him know.

    3. Also noted that machine A004 has different descriptions - Reel A Working Sail but what's in Reel B? Machin with inscription or Union Flag? the IAR web site is inconsistent on each of the links!!
      Doug (Enfield)

    4. IAR have acknowledged the error on their website and confirm that the information now shown (in blue) is correct.

  3. Well at this this year were weren’t treated to too many errors this Stampex, however the BPMA’s Trollope commemoration had a glitch (eBay item number: 181674477892) and Jersey’s JE02 failed to change from UK rates used for the Union Flag to the Jersey Rates for the Protected Species (eBay item number: 151598203089 & 151601790211)


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