Wednesday 21 January 2015

When there's no stamp stock, use something inappropriate!

There were several reports before Christmas of post offices with Self-Service Kiosks (NCR) and Post and Go machines (Wincor) using the wrong stamps.  It seems like, as with the 97p definitive stamp, branches ran out of stock of Winter Greenery and were forced to use other stock, and that there were many instances of the wrong rolls being inserted into machines.

In mid-December we reported that the 1st class stamps were being printed on 2nd class Winter Greenery stock at Perth (and possibly elsewhere) and the Poppy had been used as 2nd class at Norwich.  Since then I have been told of Union Flag, Robins, and brown Machins being used for 2nd class rates, and blue Machins being used as 1st class.

DP has provided this list which, while not necessarily complete, shows that the problems were widespread.

2nd class postage on 1st class stock

008912            Haywards Heath – Spring Blooms
                        Source: ATM informer, issue 19, page 5 – “Stamp Magazine”

004134            Leighton Buzzard – Spring Blooms
                        Source: ATM informer, issue 21b, page 15

005946            Maidenhead – Symbolic Flowers
                        Source: ATM informer, issue 23a, page 34

024004            Wood Green – Machin Head, no dated
                        Source: ATM informer, issue 23a, page 34

026611            Cardiff– Symbolic Flowers
                        Source: Stu stamps1967 website

019136            Norwich – Poppy
000000            Lowestoft – Poppy
                        Source: eBay  (251785558433)

008946            Windsor – Machin MA14
                        Source: eBay  (351263585046 and other items previously sold)  (261703248171)

1st class Postage on 2nd class stock

009323            St Johns (Leeds) MA12
                        Source: eBay (231447195957)

014004            North Finchley MA14 (Split centre band)

Upper Holloway Post Office is supposed to have a new printing of the 2nd class MA14 with the phosphor band running from top to bottom, as opposed to the split band that has been the norm up to now.

Click on these images to see them in a larger size.


  1. Now we can add Paisley 007859 to the list of offices dispensing Symbolic flowers 2nd class as I have used examples of 2nd class from K67 and 2MP OV from K68 maybe the first office to do the 'error' from more than 1 Kiosk

  2. Heraldic Beasts has been used as 2nd class from a number of offices

    North Finchley - eBay item number: 331598582798
    Cirencester - eBay item number: 301676985702
    Hastings - eBay item number: 201383604886


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