Monday 2 February 2015

More Machines Materialise at Crewe and Bradford

Royal Mail have announced an extension to the Post and Go Enquiry Office Trial first reported in November.

The placement of Post and Go machines in the Royal Mail Enquiry Offices at Crewe and Bradford North seems to have been reasonably successful so far, and is to be extended for a further 6 months. 

Due to exhibition requirements the two existing kiosks will be replaced by two new kiosks, M002 in Crewe and M003 in Bradford North, and will carry location IDs “Crewe” and “Bradford N” respectively. 

The kiosks will be changed over on the 9th February and should be available from 14:00 in Crewe and 16:00 in Bradford North.  They will both carry 1st and 2nd Class Machins.   According to the Royal Mail statement it is expected that the new M (Mails) series kiosks will develop further to offer other Enquiry Office services.


  1. So one must assume there is also an M001 as well and probably others.

  2. So does the location appear in the number string at the bottom or is it similar to the Museum overprint?

    John Embrey

    1. The location is identified by the machine number, in the same way as the branch number is shown on NCR and Wincor machines. The office location and address is shown on the receipts.

    2. Sorry, I should have included that it is similar to the datastring at Stampex and at the Museums, but there is no specific mention of the location as there is at Jersey Broad Street. See picture on original thread. The new machines will produce a similar datastring as far as we know, but with M machine numbers.

  3. Does this mean the 2nd class stamps are new. They weren't available at Autumn Stampex with the smaller font.

  4. So the Mount Pleasant Complex is getting yet another P&G machine!

    There may be a very good reason for its relocation, however 2 doors down from the BPMA, can only lead to speculation that they will get more money from the new location, than its current one. Though it may be conjecture that it will lose the BPMA’s machine money.


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