Thursday 8 January 2015

Jersey to post first pictorial Post and Go Faststamps

Jersey Post will issue Post and Go stamps featuring protected species stamps at Stampex.

First reported in Stamp Magazine, the stamps depict a puffin, agile frog, red squirrel, hedgehog, barn owl and green lizard and will be issued on 18 February.

UPDATE 12 January.
The stamps are now shown above.  As with UK stamps, all 6 designs may be obtained in all 6 'values", which with Jersey Post are:
Local Letter / Local Large / UK Letter / UK Large / Europe up to 20g / Intl Letter up to 20g

More details soon, meanwhile you can get a flavour of the designs by looking at Andrew Beckett's portfolio here. None of the designs to be used is on the website, however.

Information will also be at - but not yet.


  1. As Jersey will have both their own flag stamp labels and a new multi-image set does this mean that they will no longer be using the Royal Mail's Union Flag in their machines?

  2. If you want to see the images, they are on page 33 of February's Gibbons Stamp Monthly.

  3. This new set looks nice, and almost make me want to reconsider my decision not to collect Jersey’s P&G offering. The thought of trying to get the 36 image/value combination from the bureau, JE02 and JE01 is off putting. The bureau has yet to say what will be sold, will it just be the set of 6 with 6 different services, a set of 6 basic local rate or the complete set of 36, nor have they stated how long the labels will be on sale, will they be on sale for a year or until exhausted. As we saw last year with what was left in Post Offices every issue appeared at least one Post Office. Jersey Post may say it’s none of our business, which to a point is true, but then we will each have to make our own judgement, based on what’s gone before and what others have done, which may not be accurate and consequently looses the bureau custom because people can’t be bother with either the expense or hassle.

    Then there’s the overprints, will any future ones be confined to the Jersey Flag or will they on the pictorial issues as well.

    Then there’s the issue touched on in you’re post about pre-printed album pages. If we don’t collect them is the collection incomplete, if the stamps don’t match the images service wise is the collection wrong, etc.

    To their credit, the bureau has offered the overprints for sale from JE02, which is better than RM, who could sell the Stampex & Perth overprints, along with the overseas exhibition ones.

    We should really separate Jersey & future Guernsey issues from Royal Mail/Post Office ones and treat each one separately, but we can’t. We have seen what appears to be a finite number to collect initially can explode into some far larger and is a separate aspect of the country’s philatelic output.

    I’ve made my decision, and I’m trying to stick to it.

  4. According to the website the new P&Gs from B001 will be available for two years (or until stocks last)

    They are also offering the Stampex overprint on the Jersey Flag from JE01
    “Our original Post & Go Jersey Flag stamp labels bearing the overprint: Spring Stampex February 15”

    If B001 & B002 are used to produce RM, Jersey and Guernsey will they have continuous number or will they be different for each postal authority?

    1. Thank you for the update.

      "If B001 & B002 are used to produce RM, Jersey and Guernsey will they have continuous number or will they be different for each postal authority?"

      IF they are produced by the same single machine somewhere other than St Helier, St Peter Port or Edinburgh the number could be reset so the same numbers would be likely to reappear. On the other hand they may each have a machine with the same number.

      As you won't be able to order all three from any single source you wouldn't get matching numbers or consecutive numbers.

  5. Having looked at the Jersey Website today (15/1/2015). Only strips of 6 are available to order, along with the FDC and Pres. Pack. No mention of the complete set of 36 values. So it looks like they will only be available to those attending Stampex and using the Jersey machine.


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