Monday 26 January 2015

Post Office Rifles on 2015's first Commemorative Stamp Sheet.

The first premium-priced Commemorative Sheet of 2015  commemorates the Post Office Rifles on the centenary of their arrival in France on 18th March 1915.  Royal Mail will sell it for £14.95.

It documents their bravery, tenacity and character during their time in the trenches on the Western Front which earned the regiment high praise and a prestigious place in British military history. Each sheet is complemented by a backing card telling the story of the Rifles from formation and early campaigns through to their involvement as infantry in the First World War. It also contains a reproduction of the regimental recruitment poster from May 1915.

Two special postmarks have been announced in conjunction with this sheet, both available from the London Special Handstamp Centre, 13372 - London, 13373 Cuckfield Haywards Heath

1 comment:

  1. I should love to add this very worthy and interesting item to my collection but strongly object to the price which, as usual with these sheets, is grossly in excess of face value (241%).


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