Saturday 24 January 2015

Two unannounced slogan postmarks - but we can prepare for the third!

Collectors have reported two slogan postmarks that have not been announced by Royal Mail.  I suspect that these were in use for no more than 2-3 days, so I - and the British Postmark Society - will be interested in better images and reports of usage on any day from any office.

The first reported is from SE Wales Mail Centre on 22 January and celebrates St Dwynwen's Day on 25th.

The second is from Edinburgh on 22 January and marks Burns Night, also on 25th

Thanks to Stampboards members for posting these for the British Postmark Database.

UPDATE 2 February

John E has sent me copies of both slogans on letters posted in the Lancashire and South Lakes MC area. These are both from IMP machine 2 at the same time, demonstrating that the slogan is variable depending on destination.  John says "This only applies to IMPs - the iLSMs used by Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow as well as elsewhere in England, can use only one slogan at a time - hence 'Burns Night' being seen on letters to England."

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