Sunday 2 September 2012

Sunday's gold medals - stamps will be issued 4 September in sheet E..

The issue of these four stamps is now fixed for 4 September.

In Rowing, Great Britain's world champions Pam Relph, Naomi Riches, David Smith and James Roe and cox Lily van den Broecke win gold in the mixed coxed four.  This will be stamp PWGM-E1.

In the Olympic Stadium, Welsh powerhouse Aled Davies had a brilliant performance in the F42 discus final. The 21-year-old had a final-round throw of 46.14m to add gold to the bronze he won in the shot put on Friday.  He  will be stamp PWGM-E2.

In the Velodrome Anthony Kappes, piloted by Craig MacLean, won the all-British final in the men's Individual B Sprint.  They will be on stamp PWGM-E3.

Jessica-Jane Applegate swam a perfectly controlled race to claim GB's third gold medal in the pool with victory in the S14 200 metres freestyle.   This we can now confirm will be issued on 4 September as PGMW-E4.

Here is sheet E:


  1. It's a shame that the Union Flag is back to front on the stamp for Aled Davies. Ok, so it's not an error, but simply the way he is holding the flag, but it jumps out at you, especially as his ParalympicsGB vest displays the flag correctly.

    1. I guess he's showing it to the people behind him, his followers.

      Two things occur to me.
      1. Before this summer I've never heard/seen so many people complaining or commenting on how the flag is flown.
      2. I've not seen a convincing explanation of why the red saltire cross is not placed evenly on the white saltire cross, given how the original flags appeared. When/if somebody can convince me that this is really important, then I'll take more notice myself.

    2. Have a look on Google and see some of the web sites regarding the Union flag. There are also explanations as to why the red saltire is not placed evenly on the white saltire.
      Keep up the good work on the blog site and thanks for all the current information on the Paralympic stamps.

    3. Thanks Brian, but as you will appreciate I have better things to do with my time than Google some people's thoughts about the flag.

      If you have found a brief explanation of the red/white thing, though, please paste it into an email for me. Thanks.

  2. I love how somebody I know not only wins a medal but also gets on a stamp, good job Pam Relph

  3. Flying the flag upside down is a sign of distress. Aled was no doubt feeling the opposite and I suspect he would not want this inadvertently unfortunate image to be the one that records his victory for posterity.

    1. If you were standing behind him it would be correct. I'm surprised one of you hasn't blamed Royal Mail already for picking the image that showed the flag that way.

      I'm not allowing any more posts about the flag.

  4. As of 6th September, Team GB have won 25 Gold Medals at the Paralympic Games but it appears that only 24 stamps/miniature sheets have been issued.
    The one which seems to be missing is the Team GB Equestrian Gold Medal in the Mixed Team Championship. Royal Mail should have this listed as TX015, but it doesn't appear on their web site, nor have I seen any images for it elsewhere.
    Is this simply an oversight, or was this Gold Medal omitted on purpose?

    1. We've covered that in this post -

      The stamps are not being issued/numbered in medal-winning sequence, but as the images become available. The Equestrian team was planned to be a photo from the closing ceremony which was Tuesday evening. But as of first thing Thursday we don't have a picture.


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