Thursday 27 September 2012

Space Science stamps still due on 16 October - Royal Mail.

We had an enquiry from a customer yesterday regarding the Space Science stamps.  Apparently somebody at Tallents House had told him that the issue was being delayed - but the date was not specified.

Each stamp has the year microprinted at the top right, outside the design:

Royal Mail have confirmed to us that the stamps will be issued at Post Office branches on 16 October.  Given that we received the Railway booklet only this week, and have not yet received our advance delivery of Cattle Faststamps I suspect that it's actually the despatch from Tallents House which may be delayed, possibly to have them sent out with the Christmas issue.

Clearly the order preparation and despatch area at Tallents House is still suffering from Gold Medal stress which will continue for a while.  One of our contacts received his standing order July 27 Olympic Prestige Stamp Book on 21 September.

UPDATE 9 October:
I had a telephone report today that one office in Middlesex is selling these stamps already, and put them on sale last Friday (5th October)

Postmarks now added to our webpage for this issue, but expect more to come this weekend. 


  1. My Post Office in Derby has already shown me the stamps. Seems to be an early dispatch?

    1. No, I would expect most PO branches to have them 2-3 weeks before issue; cards and FDEs are available for sale a week before issue (at least).

    2. Space Science stamps have been in branch for about a month now.

  2. The guy I just spoke to at Tallents House (when phoning to find out where my Memories of London2012 standing order was) told me that the Memories issue will be despatched later in October and Space Science will be similarly delayed. Handstamp deadlines appropriately extended. Be nice if they published this information somewhere!

  3. Space Science Issue arrived on day of issue from RM, along with 6x 1st Class 'DJ' Booklet from 01/10/2012. Just awaiting the FDC's, which I think may be sometime as I am still waiting for Memories and Cattle.


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