Friday 7 September 2012

Paralympics First Day Postmarks - dates and codes

First Day Covers - Unless handed in over the PO counter, covers for postmarking should be sent to your nearest Special Handstamp Centre - which you can find by calling Royal Mail Customer Services - 08457 740 740.

We understand that they will be accepted until 10 October.

First day postmarks will be the same 'flag' style as for the Olympic Games Winners stamps:

These are the references you'll require:

31 August - 12692
1 September - 12693
3 September - 12966 12696
4 September - 12697
5 September - 12698
7 September - 12699
8 September - 12701
10 September - 12703

We understand that these Flag postmarks will be applied ONLY to gold medal winner stamps.


  1. Should the code for 3rd September read 12696?

    1. Thanks, Anon, I suspect so. I will fix on our site as well.


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